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A hole full of shit
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Shitstorm ensues.

Long hair is still supreme and will be back. Eventually.

Roll Sushi, roll!

16th-Apr-2014 02:19 am- dry meat -
Lawd face.


Feel free to add me if you want.
I like having a lot of virtual friends. It makes my e-penis bigger.

22nd-Mar-2011 07:35 pm- dry meat -
Lawd face.
A little update:
you remember my other LJ account? Yeah, I pretty much friended a bunch of people form here there and now I see the same friends page on both accounts. Not a very smart move. So if I unfollowed you there, it's to avoid redundancy, because it's annoying.

Luv ya.
30th-Nov-2010 02:09 am - Public service announcement.
Lawd face.

It was created for me to have place to fangirl about Sakurai, and as much as I still love him, I feel I have exhausted my fangirling potential. There's no point in pretending this place is still alive.

For those of you who would still like to keep in touch with me via LJ, I'll probably post something here -> http://hailgun.livejournal.com/ , at least every now and then. The original LJ I created ages ago, never used and now suddenly remembered about it. It'll most likely be friend locked, so you'll have to add me. But be warned, it might be way too personal for your tastes. And I'll probably post a lot in Polish.

And half a meme. Obligatory.Collapse )
Lawd face.
A note, in polish. Father finally bought me a good PC keyboard, so I can write without being pissed off all the time. Oh joy.

Oh, and I need another set of icons. I don't like my current ones anymore.

Zaległe meme i takei tam.Collapse )

Oh yus, the keyboard is doing nicely!
12th-Jul-2010 12:02 am- dry meat -
Lawd face.
I will write the goddamn note eventually, I promise. I promise.
10th-Jun-2010 10:38 pm - Requests and meme.
Pink Sakura-i
Can you recommend me some good action movies? I want something to watch and I don't really have anyone to ask D:

Oh, and some communities about Asian cinema? The ones with download links. It's not really so easy to find Kitamura's movies on the Internet, and I really want to watch Cromartie.

Meme od Biedronka, bo obiecałam przez telefon, że zrobię. To zrobiłam. Taki jestem kozak.Collapse )

16th-May-2010 08:41 pm - Tumblr, tumblr, burning bright.
Lawd face.
I just wanted to say that I completely migrated over to tumblr. Tumblr is easy to use and full of colorful stuff. I keep posting random images every now and then, and browse blogs devoted to half naked males or Korean comic books or gay fanfiction. It's like a scrapbook of random internet crap I find amusing, and I love it. And it's so easy to find a fandom you are interested in! Not nearly enough Atsushi love, though.

If someone wants to follow me, it's http://hailgun.tumblr.com/. If you want to share yours, by all means go ahead! I love following blogs of people I actually know.
27th-Apr-2010 02:47 am - suck my balls
Lawd face.
Supernatural is my new poison, Dean/Castiel is my slash of choice. That means fanfiction. Lots of it. Ahh, how I love the Internet. And there's nothing wrong with that, it's completely healthy!

Yup, dry humping the screen when some random actor appears on it is absolutely sane and I have no problem with that. What troubles me is that I sometimes dry hump the screen when I see the guy I ACTUALLY know, like - in person, for real. Because that's dangerous. I don't need romantic crap in my life. Not now, not ever.

Even though he's really hot.
Lawd face.
You know what frustrates me in video games? Limited dialog options. When I have a sad or difficult quest or I screw something up, the world is ending and people are dying, I just want to tell all of the people inside the game "none of this is real! It's all virtual, it's not really happening - hell, I'll reload the previous save and make it all better in a second!"

It's not fair that I'm a part of their game world, I talk to them, we get close, our relations turn intimate, and they have no idea who I really am. I feel like I'm lying to them.

I've been playing Morrowind and there was this chick I kept visiting, telling her nice stuff and just hanging around, and she thought I'm just one of Dunmer adventures, while I in fact was from a completely different world, having a boring life on my own and just visitng the virtual reality every now and then for kicks and giggles. I'm such an ass. I mean - she LOVED me, and one day I just got bored and stopped playing. What does that make me?
17th-Mar-2010 09:56 pm - I'm still mainly watching movies.
Lawd face.
My god, AI has to be the worst movie I've ever watched. Even Jude Law couldn't make it any better for me (his stylists must have been blind and mentally challenged). Who even funded it? Seriously, they made better sci-fi back in the '70.
The plot is not only badly written and unimaginative, it's naive, shallow, stupid and, worst of all, boring. People responsible for creating this piece of crap should be imprisoned. Bad, BAD! I find no words to describe exactly how horrible the film is. It's the prime example of how NOT to make movies. I think it gave me cancer.

Now, Enemy at the Gates on the other hand was quite amazing.
Jude law has the best orgasm face ever. For those of you who watched it, do you recall the intercourse scene with Law and Weisz? At first as was like: gross! where are you putting those hands, girl?!?! stop it, it's disgusting! But then I saw Jude's sex face and I came buckets.
I'd like to touch him inappropriately just to see him make that face. I never realized how sexy the man is before.

Also, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law make the hottest gay couple ever.
Lawd face.
Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

I suffer from occasional hipersomnia, not insomnia.
I almost never have problems with falling asleep. Well, lately it has became an issue, but that's because my delusions have gotten out of hand and I often have panic attacks in bed. I feel like I'm dying, and when I snap out of it, I just lie there, crying in shivering for hours. Haven't managed to control this one yet.

I've always had a slight feeling of impending doom, but now it's just disastrous. I actually started to believe I am really going to die about now, and it's freaking me out for some reason. The constant awareness of my mortality and awaiting death is very tiring.
11th-Mar-2010 06:39 pm - Satan's Alley
Lawd face.
Somebody fund it!

I'd kill for this to be a real movie. Seriously. This would be the best gay movie in the history of cinema.

9th-Mar-2010 11:16 pm- dry meat -
Lawd face.

I love Robert Downey Jr. and Gary Oldman and Twiggy...
fuck, I'm a flaming ball of love today.

And I honestly don't care how gay am I being now.Collapse )

I also changed my room into a spider nest.
8th-Mar-2010 01:13 am - Awesomeness.
Lawd face.
I'm going through a phase of being fascinated with Robert Downey Junior. This happens to each one of us every now and then. Your job, my dear LJ friends, is to recommend me your favourite movies with the guy. I need more RDJ stuff, like right about now. And I don't know what should I start with.

I've just finished watching Kiss kiss bang bang and Iron man and I'm about to watch A Scanner Darkly.
Oh, and his Sherlock Holmes was awesome. I loved the gay tension between him and Jude Law.

Actually, he is the dude who made me crave gay, back in the day when the tabloids were writing all about him being in prison and fucking with a cellmate (which of course, I never believed to be true, but man that was hot).
Now that I think about it, it's also because of him I ended up being a regular guest in prisons and detention centers. I used to have a scrapbook of his photos with shaved head, from the time when he was in rehab. Shit RDJ, you ruined my life!

So anyway, let's forget the story of my life and focus on movies. What should I watch now?
1st-Mar-2010 04:30 pm - Well shit.
Lawd face.
Personal drama tiem!

So I have a college mate who's a pretty cool guy, I enjoy chatting with him from time to time and complaining about life and people, since we both seem to hate everything.

And now in our usual email exchange he asked me out.

At the very beginning of our acquaintance I made it clear I'm not interested in any romantic activities, and besides I like girls more. I'm not sure if he took it seriously, and now I'm uncomfortable. Sure, I'd like to have a beer or two with the guy, since he's usually fun to talk to. But I absolutely don't want to get close to him. It has a tendency to get out of hand.

I once in my lifetime decided that it's worth giving a try and hang out with a female friend of mine, I even stayed over at her house, because I thought it's a normal thing to do. It was 4 years ago and she still keeps calling. For fuck's sake. I don't want anything similar to happen again. People getting attached to me piss me off.

Now I have a dilemma. Should I go out with him, and risk destroying our cozy relationship, or should I tell him to get lost, and risk destroying our cozy relationship?
He is a college mate, we will see each other quite a bit in the following couple of months, I don't want to feel awkward every time I see him.

And that's precisely why I prefer the Internet people. Things never get out of hand on the Internet.
16th-Feb-2010 10:56 pm - Images.
Lawd face.
There is only one reason why I bother with watching True Blood: Alexander Skarsgård.


What is it with me and Swedish actors?

Polar opposites of my taste in men: dark haired Asians and blond Swedes. Sweet.Collapse )

The series itself is mediocre at best. Twilight pretending to be Twin Peaks (yet still way better). At least the vampires don't sparkle, drink the actual human blood and exhibit certain gay behaviors.
Oh, and the Vampire Bill looks like my grandfather. Why would a 140 year old undead fall in love with a dumb, hillbilly chick with weird teeth is beyond me. It would seem that men don't care about much beyond a nice pair of boobs, whether they are alive or not.
27th-Jan-2010 12:07 am - Oh god I lol'd.
Lawd face.
This one's for you, daylight_broke!

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